5 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website


Your website is like a store that should be in the central square to generate traffic to it, create awareness and let the world see that you are there.

Even a superficial look at the business landscape makes it obvious today that having a visible and strong presence on the WEB is absolutely vital to ensure a constant flow of -leads- that generate sales in any business. On the Internet, as in the business world, competing for clicks is as intense as any market, and your website may need that extra winner to overcome the aggressive struggle for online supremacy. One of the most common and simplified methods of achieving this is to increase the total traffic to your website. So, here are 5 easy ways to quickly boost your website traffic.

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1. SEO: The Use of Keywords is Fundamental

To boost your demand generation, you must start by doing a keyword or keywords research.

By understanding the words and phrases they use to search for answers in Google, the prospects that interest you, you can better understand your audience and identify topics to create content, and what phrases and words to use in it. Some keys to making a good keyword research are:

  • Explore the different options related to your keywords, such as their synonyms, different conjugations, and so on.
  • Use very specific phrases that relate to your business (in English they call it long tail keywords).
  • Instead of focusing on generic words such as “business credit”, “car insurance” or “tennis” and focus on keywords that other businesses are not using.

2. Create Content that deserves to be Shared

Nothing replaces good content; this is key.

The contents that you produce must really deserve to be shared. Otherwise, you are the first interested in your content does not reach many people. What interest do you have in having mediocre content of yours reach a lot of people? Therefore, instead of being obsessed with the use of social networks and the marketing of your content, first start by creating the best piece of content that you can. Remember that what you publish today will be talking about your brand for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without rest.

3. Use Titles that Awaken an Irresistible Interest

The title is possibly the most important element of your content, at least as far as its diffusion matters.

The same post may go unnoticed or become viral depending on the title you have. This is especially true if your blog does not yet have a loyal audience to follow and read how much you post (and share). Although less accused, the same happens with any blog, no matter how big it is.

Action plan to improve your titles once and for all:

  • Dedicate to your titles the time and effort that their importance requires. If you have to spend twenty minutes or more while developing a good title, then so be it.
  • Look at how other blogs do that get good results with their titles. Learn from them, extract good practice lessons to apply to your blog and get ideas for future titles. You will see how many formulas are repeated.
  • Learn Copywriting. Read as much as you can about the subject and put it into practice. You will discover, among other things, what formulas and words to use to make your titles irresistible.

4. Publish Content Frequently and Regularly

Google appreciates the frequency and regularity in the publication of content and your readers as well. This does not mean that you have to publish articles every day. Find a frequency of posting that you feel comfortable with and that gives you good results and keep your commitment to fulfill it.

5. Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines

This is key. Your articles must be optimized for search engines. Otherwise, you can write hundreds of articles and just receive visits from them. Each article must point to a specific keyword or phrase that you know (or assume) Google searches occur.


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