3 Brilliant Books Every Business Owner Should Read

June 5, 2018
June 5, 2018 danart21

In the world of entrepreneurship, ideas have emerged our days and way of life, ideas that have conquered even the most conservative and that radically changed the way we see things. The interesting thing about all this is that, increasingly, we live in a more horizontal world, i.e. more accessible to all tools, making it possible for anyone to create something that gets a great BIG impact on the way they work, communicate, enjoy leisure or, simply, that facilitate and improve the quality of life of people.

It is not that an entrepreneur can afford to limit himself, in terms of the sources of knowledge he must have, it is necessary to keep renewing them constantly and reviewing those that are already known. Below are three books that every business owner needs to read.


The art and science of negotiation by Howard Raiffa

As the title of the book indicates, the sale is an art that not everyone dominates. In the same way, convincing another person in a negotiation is also a science. The cunning, the ability to convince and the skill in conciliation when you are at a negotiating table are skills that you can develop, and in this book, very useful guidelines are given to get both the other party and you benefit in an agreement. Every company is dedicated to the sale without any exception. We are all sellers without exception, and of course, everyone should know about sales regardless of your profession because the sale is not just to convince a customer to buy something. Selling is negotiating, and we all negotiate in life, whether you are buying a vehicle or signing a mortgage.

The lean startup method by Eric Ries

The movement started by Eric Ries with “The Lean Startup” has changed in a profound way the entrepreneurial ecosystem, proposing a new way of creating products, much agiler and close to the client. The book is based on the premise that when creating a company, some people have no idea what the clients want, so building a product based on their hypothesis does not make much sense, so it is better to create a product iteratively on customer feedback, institutionalizing learning as the authentic guide of your startup.

Generation of business models by A.Osterwalder

One of the books that has undeniably changed the entrepreneurial landscape. In this great work, A.Osterwalder does not show an integrated view of the most important element of a company, its business model, collected visually in the well-known business model canvas. It is a practical book, visually very attractive and in which the components of a business model are explored, the most common types and their keys, as well as how to design and rethink them. It will help you to understand your company as a whole and to understand the relationships between its components. It explains the need to explore and iterate until finding the most appropriate business model for your company.